Kindle Vella Week 12 wrap up

Confession: I didn’t post an update this week for The Anointed. Why didn’t I? I’ll be completely honest. I am focusing on a new novel I’m writing for Dreame. In fact, I’m focusing a lot more on my Dreame stuff. I’ve talked about Royals and Rebels book 6, which yes is still in the process of being written.

But I’m also working on another project, The Wolves of Glacier Falls.

Werewolf novels are extremely popular on Dreame. I wrote a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood called The Red Cloak Girls with a werewolf spin, and at the moment, it is my top earning story on there. There is one author on there that got enough reads that Dreame/Stary did a special, printed version of the story.

Right now, I find myself encouraged by the place where I am seeing growth. On Dreame, I am continually getting paid, and seeing growth. It’s really hard to be excited about a platform where there isn’t much happening with it. And if my hits on Dreame are any indication, it’s not my writing that is the problem. Ahem.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Cambria, if you skip writing weeks won’t you lose what little audience you have?” Honestly, I’m not even sure if I have an audience on kindle vella. I know there have been readers and I’m pretty sure it’s mostly people that read this blog, which I thank you, lovely readers. But not a lot of people seem to be seeking my stuff on there.

Granted, I only have one story on there, so maybe that is it. But I didn’t feel too bad about skipping an update and focusing on a new project that will bring me more income then the one on there is right now.

In fact, I have written 22. k words (22,000 words) of The Wolves of Glacier Falls. With my roughly 1,000 words a chapter that puts me at 22 chapters.

I did say that I was going to give Kindle Vella a year, exactly. I would finish The Anointed and try writing other stuff on there. But you know….it’s not encouraging when even the company that created it isn’t talking about it, ANYWHERE.

That said, if you haven’t checked The Anointed and dig fantasy romance, please go check it out. The first three episodes are free, and every read helps me continue on with this project.

Also: MY WRITERS CONFERENCE IS THIS SATURDAY! I get to have an editor review some of my stuff, so fingers crossed it goes good. And don’t forget to check out my stuff on Dreame too. Royals and Rebels has five books in the series, each one focusing on a different prince and love interest. And The Red Cloak girls only has one book at this point but it might have more.

I also thought I would update you on the top reads for Kindle Vella right now, which haven’t changed in the month of October.

  1. The Marriage Auction by Audrey Carlan Romance/Action Adventure
  2. Demon Accords Beginnings by John Conroe Fantasy/ Science Fiction
  3. The Life by Jordan Silver Romance
  4. The Galatian Exchange by Pepper Pace Science Fiction/Dystopian

Congratulations to everyone that is making kindle vella work! May the force work its magic on the rest of us too. 😉

Kindle Vella Week 12

I was supposed to write this yesterday. But, as I opened up the blog post, I felt completely uninspired. As numbers don’t increase, I’m beginning to feel less and less enthused about Kindle Vella. It isn’t the programs fault. I feel it has to do with Amazon and the way they’ve done zero publicity for this thing. Also, that Kindle Vella operates within kindle instead of having its own app for users to find the product is another downfall of the system.

Without an app, Amazon is expecting writers to do ALL of their own self promotion via social media. Obviously, this is the norm. Even published writers have to do this. However, relying on other social media platforms to drive traffic isn’t the most reliable thing.

As we saw yesterday with Facebook’s outage, the internet can be unstable. Best not to have all of your eggs in one basket. Which isn’t to say that Amazon creating an app separately for Kindle Vella would solve everything. But it certainly would drive a lot more traffic to the stories.

In comparison, Stary Publishing LTD who runs the app I write for has both an app, Dreame, and a website version. All of their readers find their content through both of those platforms. Also, they have an app made specifically for their writers to check their income, their story stats, and post their content. They’ve only existed for about three years and are out of Signapore. So, if they can create a functioning platform for writers to monetize serial fiction, Amazon should definitely be able to.

Not only that Stary has different platforms based on different genres allowing writers to find their niche and gain popularity based on it.

Amazon has the means and resources to make Kindle Vella into the kind of monetize giant it should be for writers. Yet its introduction has been lackluster. We’re in October, the year is winding down, and here is to hoping that the remaining months and following year will encourage Amazon to give Kindle Vella the justice it deserves.

Kindle Vella Week 11

Okay. So, week eleven of kindle vella. What does this look like? I’ve got more free time to focus since I don’t have any contracts with Dreame right now. To Aura With Hate is finished, and I’ll be getting my completion bonus for that soon.

I am working on Royals and Rebels book 6: The Phantom Prince which will take place in France. However, that hasn’t gotten a contract yet and I’ve not posted any of it so I can take my time to post it. I am actually trying really hard to finish it before I post it and to post my writing on a schedule. So, we’ll see.

The Anointed is the main thing I am working on right now though. Since writing my post yesterday, it has actually increased its likes by one whole point. But every number matters, right?

16 thumbs up, and 5 follows!

October is coming and I also am working on a magic school novel for a writers conference I am going to. I get to have an editor look at that one and I’m excited. I’ve grown a lot as a writer since the last time I went, and as a person so hopefully things will turn out better. Fingers crossed.

Conferences are really more about finding out where you are at as a writer than getting signed. I know it happens, but it’s not probably what is going to happen unless maybe you’ve been to a million of them and have a big following or something. The best advice is to go and learn as much as possible, which is all I’m hoping for at this point. If anything else happens, that would be cool. But I’ve been around the block enough that I’ll just be happy as long as I’m not told to never write again or something.

I also put up a CV on Clear Voice for my writing projects and am hoping to start doing some freelance writing gigs. We’ll see what happens. The world is my oyster, right? Anything could happen.

Kindle Vella Week Ten Wrap Up

How am I? How am I? I know, I just repeated myself. Today the real job left me sobbing after a performance review. Maybe that is a little too real, but there we go. My “real job” is customer service. I work remotely. At home. And while people wax poetic on the joys of it, for me it’s been hard.

Like on and off anti-depressants, sobbing to my therapist hard.

I do it because I have a heart condition and with COVID, it isn’t safe for me to work in an environment with a bunch of people. I’ve been stressed about it for almost a year and a half, because I live alone, and my community consists of my Mom and Step-Dad. Who I go out and see on my days off, but that is it.

My friends were work friends. People I talked with casually in the breakroom. No one has my number. No one calls me. And it’s all very sad. How do you make friends in your thirties? In school it was easy. You show up to class, you’ve got things in common because of your environment. It is easy.

But as an adult? How do you politely tell people that you spend all of your free time making up fictional characters and you enjoy it without sounding insane? How do you socialize when you aren’t social? It’s all very hard and it sucks. Also, all my hobbies are things I do ALONE. I can’t think of one thing I like doing with people. Which, I realize, makes me sound like an asshole but you know.

And the hard thing is sometimes I really wonder if it is going to pay off, you know? I’m working through the UX class. I’m trying to learn a new skill that will lead to a better job. And yet I need the job I have to do that and its just all….hard.

Plus, writing itself isn’t social. But the actual word of mouth part? That is social. How do I convince a bunch of strangers that the fantasy novel I’ve written is worth their time when we live in the “golden age of content” or whatever?

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m having a human moment here. The numbers for Kindle Vella are up, but again. Not stellar. Not cool-enough-to-be-interviewed-on-Hot-Ones numbers which is what we’re all aiming for, right? Although I doubt authors are really their thing, except for, apparently Malcolm Gladwell.

I do not foresee myself ever being cool enough to be on that show but….

Okay. I guess we need to get to the nitty gritty. The numbers for the week 10 wrap up.

5 Episodes read, 15 thumbs-up, and five follows.

Kindle Vella Week 10

Come one and come all to Kindle Vella Week 10! We are now in the double digits. Two months, in week terms, have gone by. Here is what has happened in that time:

I finished To Aurum With Hate, which ended up being about 85 k thereabouts without authors’ notes in it. I just submitted it for finished status.

Dreame does this cool thing where you get paid for 1) submitting a work that gets signed and 2) actually finishing said work. It varies, I believe depending on how much you end up writing but don’t quote me on that because contracts are LONG.

To Aurum With Hate stats are, currently: 3.320 k reads, 962 follows, and 90 episodes give or take an author’s note put up because I’m an idiot who accidentally posted a chapter twice and COULD NOT for the life of her figure out how to delete said chapter. Despite being on there since 2018.

I posted the Kindle Vella stats yesterday and they have not changed.

Meanwhile, I am writing my 13th book for Dreame and my 6th book in the Royals and Rebels series. It is at 14 k, or 14,000 words, and is centered around France. Specifically Versailles, and an alternative history where the French royal family is not dead. There also might be a ghost. Or might not be. Ahem.

And I will also go into deep prep mode for the conference I am going to on what I am calling the “Magic School Book”. Won’t go into more detail than that, because I’m obsessed with it and am hoping the editor that is reviewing work there will actually like it. Fingers crossed.

Week 9 Kindle Vella Wrap Up

I didn’t update The Anointed this week. One, Tuesday was my 31st birthday. Two, I had some personal stuff going on that kind of put me in a weird funk. Three, I’ve become obsessed with Royals and Rebels book 6. It’s always nice starting to work on a new project. There are no walls. You aren’t screaming at your computer. There is plenty of room to change.

That said, The Anointed is slowly gaining progress.

The stats for this week are: 15 thumbs up, five follows, and one episode read.

Nothing huge, but it is growing slowly but surely. I am nearing the end of To Aurum With Hate. In fact, I will probably write the ending of sometime this next week.

Then, in October, I’ve got the Authors of The Flathead Writers Conference. Which means I am going to be focusing on my project for that which I am simply calling “Magic School Book” on this blog.

Here is to hoping some magic rubs off on me, and things go well with my editor meeting! A girl can dream can’t she?

Kindle Vella Week 9

I wish I could have something more exciting to say going into week 9. As it is, the only thing exciting about week 9 is that I turn 31 tomorrow Tuesday, September 14th, and I had cake for the first time in months since my other side project is losing remote work weight. Weirdly, I’m more excited about the possibility of starting a new Dreame project then what I’m doing with Kindle Vella simply because the numbers have been lack luster.

To Aurum With Hate is almost finished on Dreame, and I’m starting book 6 in a series I’ve been working on since 2018 called Royals and Rebels. The book takes place in France and involves a ballerina and the Prince of France falling in love in the midst of some political intrigue.

I’ve also done something unusual and switched the narrative of the books. Normally, the books are first person narrative switching different perspective as I go. Because of the serious nature in the books though, first person didn’t feel right.

Instead, I’m writing it in a third person narrative. It shouldn’t make that much of a difference but I think my writing takes on a different quality when I do this. So, that was another reason for the switch too.

I also continue to have problems with the comments on Dreame. I can only view them on the app, not the website, despite my contacting both tech support and my editor about the issue. I was told to use the app but sometimes the app doesn’t even show them. So.

Oh well, I guess it’s motivation for me to continue on with the UX class right? Speaking of which I am on week five of the second course I’m taking. Today, I took the second quiz, which was complete hell but after five tries I managed to get a 95%!!!!

The goal—assuming there are those that don’t know—-is to teach myself to do the fancy app stuff and create an app for writers that actually works. I feel like there’s not enough balance between the social and the writing part and that is why most apps fail to get mainstream.

Unless you count Wattpad, but I feel like they are only known because they were sort of the first of their kind. Not to knock it but there have been several out there since its creation and nobody ever talks about them, so. Dreame. Webnovel. Anystories. Radish.

I might come off as super judgey about these things but I desperately want to create the standout platform for fiction writers. I know it can be done but no one has tried it the way I think it needs to. Which is saying something, considering Amazon has even gotten into this serial fiction game.

There is potential there. And who knows? Maybe next year, I’ll be celebrating not only my birthday but the app being successful too.

Kindle Vella Week 8 wrap up

I keep on waiting for something drastic to change on these. To get a lot of follows, to have a lot of reads. SOMETHING. The frustrating thing is that at this point I have no way of knowing if its because no one knows about Kindle Vella. Or about me. And by me, I mean the story.

With Dreame, I’ve already got an audience. Also, they have an actual app and not just the website. I would like to say that there has been a change in the numbers but the numbers have stayed the same. I reported them earlier in the week, I believe, so you can find them there.

Here is something positive: I am SUPER close to finishing To Aurum With Hate, and my opening pages for my project for the writers conference. And I am starting a new book for Dreame.

Royals and Rebels book 6 will be my thirteenth book with them and my 6th book in the series. Each book is a stand alone, with one universal big bad being The Guillotine. It’s going to be set in France. So I’m excited to be working on that now.

Kindle Vella, Week 9

I posted the stats for The Anointed yesterday in my final wrap up for week 8. I’ve finally gotten a few reads here and there. It still seems small but I am grateful for anyone that reads my work. I’m trying to keep in mind that it is a new platform. That not a lot of people know about it or me. Blah, blah, blah. I also want to yell at myself to HURRY MY ASS UP and finish the UX design course I’m taking so I can create an app for writers that is better.

I guess it is kind of exciting that there haven’t been any breakout successes yet. That means there is still the chance for SOMEONE to be THE success story of Kindle Vella. I’d love to see it happen. Because anything that brings attention to Kindle Vella is a win for all of the writers on there.

The more people know about the platform, the better. I think if it’s used correctly it could be a really beautiful thing. There are so many stages you’ve got to get through with traditional publishing.

The Query Letter. The Agent. Finding an actual editor. Production of the novel. Selling it. If one of these things doesn’t work, it makes it super hard to even step through the door. Query letters especially. One wrong comma or a misspelled name, and you’re outta there slugger.

I feel strongly that having a platform that fiction writers can build followers from within like youtube or instagram is the key to making publishing more accessible.

It is time for the publishing world to catch up with the rest of us. The next great classic isn’t in the slush pile. It’s sitting on someones phone or laptop, waiting to be published with just the click of a button.

Here is my question for anyone reading. Is anyone else using Kindle Vella? Have you used any successes? Let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

Kindle Vella Week 8 Wrap Up

Here we are, folks! The end of week 8. Here are the stats for The Anointed:

2 episodes up, 11 likes, and FIVE follows which means there are at least four people following that aren’t me.

To Aurum With Hate on Dreame is at 3.070 k reads, 927 follows, and 83 epiosodes.

The Anointed numbers aren’t stellar but it is something that people have actually started reading it. So, I’ll take it.

I’m also at 81 k words on To Aurum With Hate and getting super close to finishing. I’m so excited, because that means I can start something new on Dreame and there is nothing more exciting than diving into new projects.